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If a painting is worth a thousand words, can a thousand words paint a picture?

They say practice makes perfect, so naturally to perfect writing, I’ll need to write.

This blog is my scattered mind making sense of the world. Go ahead, pick something to read, choose your poison.

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Xiamen, China: Where My Childhood Resonates
To start off, I am very tough on critiquing Xiamen as a travel spot because, as some may know, this is where I called home for four years when I was merely but a teenager. This was a place that has grown exponentially from only having had two malls and no theatres to what is now, a busy city and a popular tourist location.
Phuket, Thailand: Where Photographers Find Haven
Phuket, Thailand was five days too short. I know it’s too short a trip when my skin haven’t even been painted in a tan. Though I have to admit, I may already be planning my next trip to Phuket in my mind, and knowing this place has so much to offer, it definitely will be at least a week’s kind of trip.
Osaka, Japan: Where Sanity Finds Sanctity
Osaka, Japan, the sanctity you escape to to regain your sanity. There’s no rush here, no one annoyed or agitated if you walk a little slower than usual. A good change from the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong. A simple five days was enough to live an imaginary life in Japan.
Mongkok, Hong Kong: Where Hidden Gems Lay
Mongkok, Hong Kong is a living juxtaposition of Western and Chinese characters. A hidden gem for travellers who want a taste of local Hong Kong.
How to Prep Your First Trip to...Anywhere
For my fellow wanderlust travellers, I’m sure you’re all always travelling to new locations so you all probably already take these precautions. But for those who are first time travellers, and first time traveling alone, here are a few quick tips on how to conquer your first trip to a new location!