How Android Users Feel About Periscope

How android users feel about apps like Periscope

If you asked me how I feel about the new release on Twitter’s live video streaming app, Periscope, in comparison to Meerkat, my answer would be, I don’t. I don’t feel anything towards these two apps, not because I don’t want to, it’s because I can’t. As an Android user, I feel as though my feelings have been barred because new apps like Periscope and Meerkat? They aren’t available on Google Play yet.

Periscope vs Meerkat (and other Apple only apps)

If chasing after the newest technology is so we stay updated and tech savvy, then why does having an Android phone make me feel like the kid in elementary school who’s always 2 months late in playing with the new toy? Having an Android has made me feel like I’m constantly chasing the tail lights of a speeding car I can’t catch up to. The perpetual Android updates aren’t much help either when it consistently becomes incompatible with my existing apps.

As someone who strives to be successful in a social media career, I don’t want to have to test out Periscope two months later when everyone’s already played out all the functions and sucked them dry. I don’t want the alternative option for Periscope or Meerkat either. I don’t want to be able to compare the two apps by reading articles from Apple users. I want to be able to download the two apps and experiment on my own phone for myself. I want to be able to write an article about my experience on Periscope versus Meerkat based on my personal experience. But I can’t, not with an Android anyway.

Why app developers pick Apple over Android

Developing apps for Apple is simply easier and less costly. There aren’t as many varieties from Apple phones and tablets, whereas there are nearly 12,000 different Android devices with different sizes and processors.

App developers are also concerned about not being able to break-even and the higher chance of piracy on Android devices. So I wonder, does this also come down to the perception of the types of users on the two devices? Apple users are known as more affluent than Android users because Apple redefined their brand as a lifestyle, it’s no wonder app developers believe their apps would be lost in the muddle of other free Android apps. Apple users are also commonly recognized for their constant strive for simplicity. Apple’s interface is clean and simple to use, while Android users value the choice to personalize their device’s interface, allowing the conception of piracy of apps easier. However, we’re all familiar to the action of jailbreaking an Apple phone so this definitely does not nullify the potential for new apps to get pirated.

At the end of the day, the fact that there are constantly new and innovative apps being released, I’m more than convinced I need to make my switch back to an iPhone (also in addition to the fact that I have everything else from Apple and it makes connecting all my devices even easier). Now the question begs, will Google step up their game and provide some assistance to app developers for easier and more convincing ways to develop new apps? Will Android users ever be able to have the upper-hand and finally be the cool kids with the new toys before Apple users?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, are you an Android user planning to make a switch or if this reassured you to stick with Apple?

Shoutout to Kailei and Raheela for proofreading my blog, their blogs are equally amazing.

Claudia Cheung

  • Hey Claudia, I thought this was a really well thought out post. As an Apple user, I always wondered what I was missing out on by not having an android. I think you hit the nail on the head though by highlighting how its easier to program for iPhones.

    • I used to be happy with the switch to Android cause of the peronsalisation of the interface, but now I’m realizing Apple users aren’t missing out on much rather than it be the other way around :p Thank you Kailei!

  • Moe

    Try being a lonely Blackberry user…great post.