The 5 W’s to Creating a Social Media Campaign

Thinking of creating a social media campaign but don’t know where to start? As social media platforms are continuously growing with users, marketers are constantly finding ways to take advantage of these platforms to engage with target audiences. In this article, I will share the five W’s to help you create a successful social media campaign.

What do you want to achieve?

Before deciding what kind of campaign you want to do, you will need to figure out what your short-term goals are for creating a campaign. Make sure your short-term objectives correlates to your company’s or brand’s long-term goal. As each campaign type achieves a different outcome, pick your campaign type carefully. Whether it’s a photo/video contest, a simple Q&A contest, voting contest, or a newsletter sign up, make sure it can help achieve your goal.

Who are you targeting?

Remember your overall target audience and recognize that each campaign type attracts a different type of participants. If your audience targets an older, more mature crowd, they may not be as inclined to participate in campaigns that requires too many technical steps.

Where should you launch it?

Just like your target audience, each social media platform is fit for a different type of campaign. For visual campaigns, consider using Instagram or Pinterest. For newsletter sign ups, voting and/or hashtag heavy contests, consider Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Do your research to make the most out of each platforms’ pros and cons.

When and how are you executing it?

Be reasonable on the duration of your campaign! If it’s a simple Q&A contest, don’t drag it on for too long as fresh content is the best content. If a campaign drags on for too long or doesn’t last long enough to participate in, the results may not be the most ideal. Consider the timing of when you’re executing your campaign as well. Doing a love related campaign may not be as ideal in December as it would be in comparison to February.

Why should people participate?

The incentives must must must match the amount of effort you’re asking of your participants. If your campaign requires multiple steps and hoops to jump through, consider increasing your prize amount and number of winners!

But of course, the most important thing of creating a campaign is to have fun with it so all your participants can have fun as well! Remember to promote your campaign on all your platforms to expand your reach. Good luck!

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Claudia Cheung