Content Strategy isn’t a “One Size Fits All”

Content strategy is one of the most important parts when deciding to implement the usage of social media platforms within a private sector, nonprofit or government agencies. Without it, your organization may overload the information and overwhelm your audience. It’s important to make sure your website and your social media platforms tie into your main goals of the organization. Although there are many similarities that could influence the design of content strategy between private sectors, nonprofit and government agencies, here are three critical differences.

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One of the main critical difference between the three organizations is their purpose in their content strategy. Before developing a content strategy, one must define why they want their presence online. The purpose must be clear. For private sectors, their purpose in their content strategy would most likely be to share information about their organization in hopes to transfer online audiences into real life consumers. Nonprofit organization’s purpose mostly is with regards to raising awareness and call to actions. Lastly, government agencies’ purpose is mostly to inform and provide their services to citizens.

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Another critical difference between the organizations is the target audience. There is no doubt that these three organizations would target different audiences on their social media platforms. With the knowledge of their target audience, they can then direct their content strategy towards satisfying the needs of their readers. For private sectors, the audience they would mostly target would be the consumers they hope to attract. For nonprofit organizations they would target those who would be interested in the cause the organization is trying to raise awareness for. Lastly, for government agencies they would mostly be targeting their own citizens, and potential immigrants.


Lastly, the critical difference between the organizations would of course be the content. Since this is a content strategy, these three organizations differ the most amongst what they want to post onto their social media platforms. For private sectors, their content would mostly revolve around providing content that can attract their audience to consume their products or services. For nonprofit organizations, their content would be more centred on providing information on the awareness they are trying to raise. Lastly, for government agencies, the content would most likely be on information with regards to the latest policies or the types of services the government can provide for their citizens.

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With the understanding of the three critical differences in content strategy between private sectors, nonprofit and government agencies, it’s still important to remember that content strategy is equally important amongst the three organizations. At the end of the day, most organizations do better on websites and social media platforms when they understand their target audience, what their purpose is to be online and tying it back to the type of content they are able to provide. Hopefully this will have cleared up any misconceptions and generalization of content strategy. Happy strategizing!

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Claudia Cheung