3 Variables on Identifying Your Target Audience

When organizations choose their social media platforms to start on, they often have to consider their target audience. Who are they targeting and why do they matter? There are many variables when it comes down to identifying the audience for social media platforms. I’ve compiled three of which I think are significant towards pinpointing the target audience.

Target Market Comic


Behaviour is an important variable to consider when identifying your target audience because it’s essential to understand your audience’s patterns and attitude. For businesses, it’s important to understand your audience’s willingness and readiness to consume. There’s no point in trying to target an audience that you know will not be interested in your product and have no intentions of purchasing your service. For non-profit organizations, it’s critical to understand your audience’s attitude towards your organization’s goals and mission. Most non-profit organizations aim to raise awareness, and if the target audience are not passionate about your purpose, then they are not the circle of people you’d try to reach out to. Lastly, it’s important for government agencies to understand the attitude the target audience has towards government policies and issues and the willingness of the audience to ask and raise questions and concerns.


When considering who to target, your organization must remember whether your content is relevant to your target audience or not. For businesses, non-profit and government agencies, you must decide, is your content relevant to those that you target? Businesses should concentrate on whether their content brings value to their audience to transform them into consumers. For non-profit organizations, they must consider whether their mission is relevant to whom they are trying to target on social media platforms and would that in turn raise awareness. Government agencies should consider how relevant their content on regards to political issues would be to their target audience. It is important to remember that you want to target audiences that will be interested in your content, otherwise it makes your presence on social media nulled.


Lastly, it’s important to consider the influence of your target audience when trying to identify them. For businesses, non-profit and government agencies alike, they are all looking to connect with those that can positively influence others with regards to the organization’s goals. Businesses would try to identify the most influential audience that can then promote their product and increase consumerism. Non-profit organizations would try to find influential audiences in order to raise more awareness. Lastly, government agencies would identify influential audiences to help promote their latest campaign or election.

There are definitely other variables to consider when identifying your target audience. Hopefully these will give you a brief idea and guide you to define your own variables.


Claudia Cheung

  • supriya81

    I really like how you have defined the 3 variables very clearly and adding the illustrations makes the post all the more colourful.
    Relevancy is actually a very important variable. The content that is posted must be relevant to the target audience else the organization would feel they are doing everything to promote their product, cause or policy and would never see the desired results.
    Really good and to the point post!

  • raheela_n

    Thanks so much for this, Claudia.

    I loved your rational and your cartoons :)

    Relevance is so important when considering your Social Media target audiences. I think a lot of organizations forget this. Thanks for the reminder.