How to Breeze Through the Airport

Every year I visit the airport at least twice, sometimes even more than twice. Each time I’ve had to do practically the same thing over and over again. Line up, check in, line up, check into gate, line up, go through security checks, line up, go through customs, line up, get on the plane, rinse and repeat. After a while all those obstacles become a muscle memory, my hands automatically reach in my bag to pull out the essentials needed for each line up. No one wants to be the one who’s scurrying around the airport frantically because they weren’t prepared. So I’ve compiled a short list of how I breeze through the airport.

Double Check Everything

Before leaving the house, remember on my last blog I mentioned making a list of what you need to pack? Well, check that list! Check that list to make sure you have everything you need or make a new one on everything you need to bring the day of. Remember the most vital things, which always always will include your passport and/or your ticket and your house keys. I think you can literally forget anything else except for those three items! (Unless you are leaving your hotel…but that’s another blog for another time)

Arrive Promptly

Remember to double, even triple check your flight time. Especially when your flight ends up being at 00:00, that’s the trickiest because a lot of people get this mixed up. 00:00 on May 23 means you need to be at the airport on the night of May 22! As well, to avoid feeling anxiety of potentially missing your flight, it’s wise to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight to allow yourself enough time for all the lining up you’re going to have to do before arriving at your gate.

Allow Easy Access to Essentials

Have everything you’ll need ready handy. I like to carry a little purse around for easy access to pull out my passport or boarding pass! This is just for my own convenience so I don’t have to always reach around to my backpack and then fumble around to find it. You can also have it ready by holding onto it at all times before arriving at the gate, but I’m worried sometimes my fingers may slip and I may somehow lose it. So, better safe than sorry, I just prefer to keep it close to me. Plus it’s a lot easier when you go through security check when you have everything ready to pull out (especially your laptop).

Watch and Listen Closely for Announcements

Look for the monitors showing your flight information because sometimes your flight’s gate could change. You wouldn’t want to have reached it to find out your gate has changed to the opposite end of the airport. Important announcements can be broadcasted before your flight as well, so if you’re listening to your music just make sure it’s at a volume that you can still hear for any unexpected changes to your flight.

destination quote

Airports can be intimidating and customs can get nerve wrecking, but just keep in mind that after all those procedures you’re either on your way to or arriving at your destination. That’s already enough motivation to bare through just a few more hours! Nonetheless, remember to travel safely!

[All images are my own]

Claudia Cheung