How to Pack Light Without Packing Lightly

How to pack light

The travel part is always the easiest part. The most tedious is the planning, the purchasing, the finding the best deals, and of course, the packing. Packing can be the most unsettling because if you forget to pack one important thing, your whole trip could go haywire (okay, that might be slightly exaggerated because you can literally buy anything in this day and age, unless…you can’t. Anyhow, I digress.). I always manage to get inside my own head and convince myself I need to pack more than I need, so I’ve decided to try out a new system to pack light without packing too lightly.

Make a checklist

Whether it be a mental one, a typed one or a written one, lists are the way to succeed! I highly suggest actually materializing the list because the memory is a tricky thing sometimes and it’s better to be safe than forget your passport.

Go through your daily routine

For girls, we generally have to pack more than guys because of our beauty regimes. My go to way of packing that is to go through my daily routine, and place each item that I’m done using in my travel bag. That way I know I’ll have everything I use on a daily basis and that ensures I won’t be packing more than I really need. I usually start packing my night routine things first, and in the morning before I leave I give myself extra time to go through my morning routine. It really suppresses my inside voice that keeps telling me to bring that extra eyeshadow or hair product I really won’t need for a short trip.

Roll, don’t fold

Roll your clothes! Trust me, it takes up a lot less space especially when you can roll a few shirts together. Also, if you have fragile items that may break on the course of your luggage being thrown around, roll it inside your shirt. This way it’ll provide some protection and save you space on wrapping it separately.

Easy to match clothing items

Always try to see if you can recycle your clothing items. If you’re going on a trip for longer than two weeks, plan out your outfits for just one week and switch them around for the second one. Bring easy to match clothing items so you won’t be stuck with one frigid outfit choice. My go to decision when packing for clothes has always come in the rule of 3s. Shoes – bring ONE pair of comfortable walking shoes in case you need to walk the distance or go hiking, ONE pair of stylish semi comfortable shoes for casual events, like shopping and bring ONE fancy pair because you should always be prepared to be invited to something fancy. This is the same for tops and bottoms.

pack light quote

Now if only I spent the time writing this blog into packing, I’d probably…still not be done packing. If you have any packing tips, please share! I’d love to know what you do when you pack.

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Claudia Cheung