How to Prep Your First Trip to…Anywhere

For my fellow wanderlust travellers, I’m sure you’re all always travelling to new locations so you all probably already take these precautions. But for those who are first time travellers, and first time traveling alone, here are a few quick tips on how to conquer your first trip to a new location!

Understand the transportation system

First thing’s first! Find out where the airport is located and how far it is away from your hotel! Figure out what types of transportation system is most convenient in the country or city you’re visiting to better plan your travels. Most importantly, understand the transportation system most convenient around your hotel and to places you want to visit!

Find out what languages are used

The worst part of going to another country is finding out none of the signs are in your mother tongue and there’s no way you can communicate with the locals. Therefore, it’s best if you figure out if the country you’re going to will have things in your language, and if not then it’s time to get a travel phrasebook!

Understand the etiquette

Remember that when you’re traveling to a new country, the culture may be completely different than the one of your hometown. For example, in China, putting chopsticks into your rice is a sign of disrespect as it looks like incense used to pay respect to the dead. So, before you travel to a new place remember to study the cultural differences and be respectful as you’re going to be in someone else’s home.

Take precautions

Take care of your belongings! Traveling to a new place is always scary especially if you’re traveling alone and if your belongings get stolen then it may be a hassle to continue traveling. So just remember, you’re somewhere new so toss your old trusting habits and be more cautious! (Talk about half glass empty right? But better safe than sorry!)

J.R.R. Tolkien quote

Nonetheless, none of the above tips is still better than to have fun and stay safe! I wish you all happy travels :)

Where was your first trip ever to?

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Claudia Cheung

  • Agreed; the first thing (often the only thing!) I make sure I understand before I get somewhere new is how to get to my ho(s)tel; this means scrutinising any maps I can find, and trying to research how best to get there.

    This isn’t just a case of working out the transport network itself, but also working out the currency. Knowing what ticket I need to buy, and also how to use it – do I need to pre-buy a city-wide card, or do I just pay the driver of the bus on entry? If it’s some kind of ticket, where do I put it – in a machine, give to the driver, etc? Do I need to validate on board? How much is the ticket? – need to make sure I have small amounts of the local currency somehow before I board.

    I do find though that once I’ve done something once, every time I do it afterwards in that city, it’s easy and almost second-nature. It’s just that first time that’s nerve-wracking.

    • Claudia Cheung

      You’re absolutely right!! Currency is so important too to figure out before a trip. I guess there really should just be one tip which is to do your homework!!! It would make no sense to travel to a place before having studied it.

      Thanks for your comment :)

    • You’re absolutely right! Currency is definitely so so important to figure out before going to a new place. I guess there honestly is just one tip which is to do your homework!! It would make no sense to travel to a new location without studying the place at all.

      Thanks for your comment :)

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