Osaka, Japan: Where Sanity Finds Sanctity

Osaka, Japan, the sanctity you escape to to regain your sanity. There’s no rush here, no one annoyed or agitated if you walk a little slower than usual. A good change from the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong. Making it easy to live an imaginary life in Japan for a short five days.

The level of serenity can be easily be conveyed through pace. Sometimes a fast paced city can make a person feel anxious and quick tempered and the mindset of the people you’re surrounded by can get contagious. And just like that, the projection of the politeness and zen of Japanese people made it effortless to absorb. It let me to readily put down that anxiety from the pressure of being hurried.

Even in comparison to Tokyo, Japan I felt there was too much of a stuffiness involved. It could be the locations being taken over by tourists but the crowd in Tokyo feels hectic in comparison.

Maybe it’s the strangeness of the unknown that makes falling in love easy, or the grass is simply greener. Nevertheless, it’s easy to place myself in this serene city, reminiscing the last time I roamed the streets late at night to enjoy the autumn breeze. Breathing in the crisp cool air and just letting the silence take over my mind.

But like all love affairs, I never want it to end but unfortunately it has to. Even if I swear to one day leave where I’m at to start anew here, I will settle back to reality. At this moment, there are simply too many places I vow on living and perhaps not enough life times. So for now, I’ll just have to be content with mini love affairs until I find the one and only.

[All images are my own]

Claudia Cheung