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My blog recently got the honour to be featured on Designer Swap’s website. Designer Swap is a Toronto-based fashion blog that features the distinct style of fashion-forward sisters Anh and Linh Pham. I got to talk to their in-house blogger and social media representative Alexandra Nguyen about my blog and my current position on Fairchild TV as a TV host. I had such a fun time talking with Alexandra and couldn’t wait to read the blog. So, here it is, a repost of the blog from Designer Swap.


First and foremost, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

As you are enjoying your week with family, I wanted to introduce Claudia Cheung – a blogger, TV personnel and beauty pageant winner. She is not just any fashionista in Toronto but has successfully showed her fashion style on stage, on camera and through writing. You may have seen her compete in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant or hosting her show on Fairchild Television.

Claudia was looking for a new learning and experience joined the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant where they put her through three months of training and tutorials to learn about makeup, fashion shows, photo shoots and dance. In the end, the experience was all worth it for Claudia as she made top 10 and won Miss Congeniality for the pageant. Although there was great success, it was the result of lots of time and training: “When I found out we had to train for three months for this show at the end, I knew a pageant wasn’t all glamour and sparkles but was a great experience that taught me a lot -we even had the opportunity to do a fashion show for wedding dresses which in itself was a new type of challenge”

As a result of her success in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, Claudia earned the opportunity to be a host on Fairchild Television where she got to interview many influential people including MC Jin who is a rapper, songwriter and now an actor in Hong Kong. Claudia hosts on Sunday at 8pm on Fairchild television. If you miss it, you can catch her interviews on Fairchildtv.

With being in the spotlight, I had to ask…I needed to know what and how she chose her outfits when hosting her show and being on stage! Claudia likes to keep it simple, with just neutral colours and a small splash of bright colours that will match with either black or white: “I am a big fan of anything leather, shirts with leaver sleeves, leather leggings, or leather jackets. I think less is more, so when I look for fashion inspirations, I am more attracted to simplicity”.

Claudia has had no problem showcasing her style in the spotlight and I look forward to see not only her style continue to evolve but her career.

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Images courtesy of Kurt Budiarto and Luke Lau

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