Hong Kong, Where Home is

I’ve recently come back from Hong Kong, the city of dreams, or so they say. Truthfully Hong Kong has never felt much like home to me than Canada has. My family and I never had a decent living space there since we moved to Canada. Every trip back we would squish ourselves in a tiny bedroom at my grandmother’s place; Hong Kong is a crowded place. This time though, this time it felt like home.

We finally got our own place in Hong Kong, a cute two bedroom condo located in a Caribbean Coast themed villa. We have three pools, one indoor, one outdoor infinity pool, and lastly a resort style pool. We have what normal clubhouses would, I just mentioned the pools because that was what I fell in love with. Our home is nowhere close to the city, but is located nearby the mountains, so naturally, our view is pretty magnificent.

My trip back this time wasn’t because of the Christmas holiday (though, how convenient) nor due to good news. This trip gave me a lot of time to think about life and death and how important family is because life is filled with unexpected occurrences. The only constant thing about life is that it’s always changing. The weather is constantly changing, the clouds never stay the same, the stars are never in the same position, and people come and go. It’s so important to treasure those you love when you can, don’t wait until change hits you in the face.

Due to the nature of the visit, I spent most of my time with family, making leaving a bit harder this time. We spent time at Haeco, Aerospace Engineering company, for their Christmas celebration. We went to eat at so many different restaurants…we ate so much (dropped money but gained weight). We went by the harbour to enjoy the last few days of Christmas lighting on tall office buildings. We baked cookies and cupcakes from scratch.

I never quite enjoyed the crowd and the constant stressful, anxious atmosphere due to the fast pace in Hong Kong. I did love the convenience of transportation, beautiful night light scenery, and always pleasant weather. And since home is where the heart is, currently I’ve left a piece of my heart in Hong Kong.

[all images are my own]

Claudia Cheung