Kenting, Taiwan: Where Foodies Eat

I kind of just want to dump all my Kenting, Taiwan pictures on this blog and minimize on the words because when I think of Taiwan I think of food markets and street food and food and food. How could I possibly do justice for all the amazing food I experienced by writing about it? When it comes to describing food, I’ve always felt pictures were a better way to go. I know, pictures don’t describe the texture or the smell of food, but words can never let you visualize the deliciousness as well as pictures can.

So, I won’t be putting my eating adventures into words for this blog, instead I want to tell you about two main tourist attractions I visited during my time there. They were both pretty interesting places that had natural occurrences that I haven’t seen in any other cities.

When we first arrived in Kenting, Taiwan, we readily hopped onto a bus that took us to a seafood market for lunch and then a fruit market as a snack. Later on that night, we went to Chu Huo Special Scenic Area. This location was a particularly interesting one as there were natural gas that were constantly emitted from the ground which combusts when oxygen fuels it. This natural occurrence thus created a ground full of constant flames, like the earth was on fire. We bought sparklers and lit it up with the natural flames and danced around the parks, trying to capture the moment.

On our last day, we went to the Liu Shan Mud Volcano in Dong Gang. Mud volcanoes are small vents in the ground that discharges hot, sticky mud. They “erupt” during intervals by bubbling like it’s being boiled and oozing streams of thick mud and flammable gas. Our mini bus driver/tour guide warned us to be careful not to step on the mud since although it may look hardened, some are still soft and gooey. But, being the accidental rebel that I am (more like with the bad luck I have), of course I would have stepped into an unhardened piece of mud lava. If I hadn’t balanced myself on time, I definitely would’ve fallen in and become the next Clayface.

Although we spent most of our time eating street food in Kenting, Taiwan, and going to the beaches by our resort to just relax and unwind. I spent an ample amount of time with my family and god sister. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter where you go as long as it’s with the right people. I will not say I have a dying desire to go back here because to be honest, it felt a bit like Xiamen, China. However, I would still never reject a trip in which the main purpose is to eat.

[All images are my own]

Claudia Cheung