London, Where Royalty Lives

Traveling to London, England wasn’t something that happened yesterday but I remember it like it was. The feeling this place gave me never quite left since the day I left. London, oh London, where would I even begin?

London stole my heart on the first night I arrived with my friend. The night when we walked along the River Thames. I will never forget the feeling of the cool river breeze as it caressed my skin, the city lights that glistened and the spotlights that casted a magical hue against the walls of rustic buildings. I’ve never felt a place as romantic as London felt (dare I say, Paris comes a close second). My friend and I settled on dining at a place called The Wharf for dinner, sitting up top on their patio staring out onto the river, taking in the view.

Fulfilling the roles of tourists, my friend and I went up on the London Eye, half asleep from jet-lag, and half filled with excitement. I remember holding my breath whilst staring down from the London Eye, unable to contain my amazement at the beauty of London. I usually am not one for gloomy, humid weather, but this seemed to suit London and almost despite myself, I fell in love. Nothing since then has come close to even compare to this moment. The view was indescribable, looking from so far up down at Big Ben and all the red double decker buses crossing bridges. The whole of London looked like a land built by Legos.

The second day of our trip, we joined mini day tours where they brought us to watch the changing of guards ceremony outside Buckingham Palace. We went to see the London Bridge. We went to see the Crown Jewels (which were magnificent and most of the time, my eyes felt blinded by the glittering of gold and sparkling of gems). We went to Madame Tussauds to take pictures with wax figures of celebrities we would probably never have the chance to meet in real life. We went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum as we were both huge Sherlock fans (despite the unnecessarily eerie wax figures inside). We ate English food (had ginger beer which quickly became my all time favourite beer, and of course, fish and chips).

I wasn’t sure if it was because this is where royalty lives that makes this place feel grandiose, or if it was simply the British accent. One thing I was sure of though was I decided I absolutely have to experience the lifestyle of a Londoner one day, even if it were to be only for a month. Because maybe then, I’ll feel like royalty too.

[all images are my own]

Claudia Cheung